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Adult Tiktok - Adult Videos In Tiktok Format

Tiktok is great for watching funny videos of hot girls dancing, lip syncing and having fun. But the only problem is that every video on TikTok has to play by the rules. That means no nudity and no explicit content. For a lot of people, that's a real disappointment. Whenever you find a hot TikTok chick, you already know there's no chance of seeing her naked.

But luckily, there's an hotter version of TikTok available to enjoy right now. Presenting Adult TikTok - the number one website for nude videos and hot sex scenes in the classic TikTok format. Brought to you by one of the most successful hookup site company around, trust us when we say that Adult TikTok blows the original TikTok out of the water!

The Adult Version of Tiktok

Released in 2019, TikTokPorn.app is turning the regular Tiktok format on its head. In this new and improved version, every video uploaded to the platform must include nudity or sexual content to keep our filthy audience pleased. Not only that, but all of the incredible videos on our app feature the individual users themselves showing off their hot bodies and outrageous sex skills.

Regular TikTok users have been screaming for an adult variation of the app for years, and only now has one come along that ticks all of the boxes. Not only are we one of the most popular apps on the app store in 2021, but we're also helping bring horny TikTok users together for hookups in real time. We're a porn site and a hookup site all in one!

Short Clips, Full Tiktok Videos, and More

If you're already up on the TikTok trend, you'll already have a good idea how our app works. Film your vertical videos, make sure they include nudity, sex or a hot combination of the two, then upload them to the app and wait for the millions of views to roll in. Or if you're the voyeur type, simply browse through our vast library of erotic content and pick the videos you like the most.

All you need to do is download the Adult TikTok app for your Apple or Android device, sign up for free and get full access to every feature - absolutely no limits. Adult TikTok was created to keep the needs of the user in mind. That means no ads, no malicious links, and we keep all of your personal data safe and secure.

Video Categories For Everyone

Where to begin with our huge number of video categories? All of the content on our platform is broken down into easily-findable sections so you can find your most desired erotic videos with ease. All of our categories are written on the left hand side of the screen at all times, so you can jump between sections at a moment's notice.

Everything is covered, from porn star videos to amateur girls getting frisky at home. Teens, MILFs, BBWs, Asian, petite and much more. You can also break things down by sexual category, like blowjobs, anal, swinging, lesbian and hardcore fetish play. To find something specific, just write your search term in the box along the top of the screen.

Meet Real Users And Hookup

We're an adult version of TikTok in every sense. Not only do we have endless content for you to enjoy, but all of our users are just as sex-addictes as you are. Like any social media platform, Adult TikTok can be used to make friends and meet new people in your area. And given that our user base consists mostly of young, horny men and women, the chances of hooking up are incredibly high!

That's right. All you need to do is make your intentions known and who knows where your naughty meetups might lead? Simply search our app by keyword location and find all of the users within a 10 mile radius of your house. You're then free to contact them directly, let them know how much you enjoy their videos, and then ask them if they'd be interested in meeting up. It really is that simple!

Download The Adult Tiktok App Now

The Adult TikTok app is available for both Apple and Android users. Not only that, but you can download it from the app store without paying a penny. From the moment you download Adult TikTok, you'll be amazed at the sheer number of content creators we have uploading scene after scene of hot, steamy content for your enjoyment.

There's no better platform to come for personalized erotic videos anywhere on the internet. We make sure that every video uploaded meets out criteria, which means it's high quality, arousing and makes for perfect jerk-off material to lucky guys around the world. Download today and try it out for yourself - we guarantee you'll never want another app ever again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Adult TikTok? We're here to tell you everything you need to know.

Does Tiktok have adult content?

Unlike other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, regular TikTok does not allow adult content on their app. Users must refrain from posting videos or images that feature nudity or explicit scenes. Therefore, users must find different TikTok-based apps in order to access free adult content.

How to find adult content on Tiktok?

While there's no adult content on the TikTok app necessarily, you can find hidden sexual content if you search in the right places. For example, try following famous porn stars and amateur models. Alternatively, search the app for phrases like nude, nipslip, sex or naked selfie.

Is there an adult version of Tiktok?

The adult version of TikTok is known as Asstok. The app resembles the original platform, featuring a similar logo, same layout and same functionality. As of the time of writing, Asstok has equally as many members as the original Tiktok version, making it the most viable TikTok alternative currently on the market.