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Tik Tok for Sex - Explicit 18+ Adult Videos

Check out any of the big name services online - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok - and you'll notice that all of these accounts have one thing in common. No, it's not the number of ads or other videos you don't want to see. It's the fact that none of these platforms allow pornography.

For a lot of people, that's a real downer. What's the point of having a social media account if you can't use it to look at naked women? Fortunately, we have just the solution for you, and that's our brand new app for TikTok sex. Sign up today for a porn experience like no other. Here's everything you need to know.

What is Tiktok Porn?

TikTok porn is a brand new genre of porn that brings sex, explicit content and hardcore videos to a whole new audience of TikTok users. For years, people have been begging regular TikTok to allow nude content on their platform, but alas, TikTok haven't listened and continued to keep their app sex-free. That's where our site comes in.

Our TikTok site is a new tool that filters content based on levels of nudity involved. When you sign up to our platform, every video you watch will include either sex, penetration and of course, a whole host of tits and ass. If that sounds like your kind of site, come and join the millions of users already enjoying everything our platform has to offer.

Our Tiktok Features For Sexual Content

We've got more features than you could ever need, ensuring that you get the best opportunities to interact with other members and share your videos to the biggest audience possible. Here's what we offer.

User Uploaded Video and Photo Stories

Absolutely every piece of content you see on our site, be it videos, photos, stories, journal entries and every single comment has been left by a genuine user. No fake profiles, no scammers. Just real people uploading real content for mass distribution to millions of people.

Tiktok Style Video Feed

You know how TikTok works by now, and our app works exactly the same. As soon as you sign in, you'll see all of the most recent content on your home screen. All of the videos uploaded are presented in vertical video format for maximum viewability. Unlike YouTube, we're a vertical-vid only platform, which means every clip is perfect for viewing on your smartphone.

Create Your Own Videos

Getting your own sexy videos out there doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, we make it easier than ever to show off your sex appeal to the world. Just film yourself doing your thing in the verticle video format, then hop onto your settings page, find the video in your library and hit upload. That's literally all you have to do to get yourself noticed.

Find Sex And Relationships

Unlike YouTube, we offer a way to communicate directly with other app users. You don't have to leave a comment for them and hope they notice you. This means that when you find people in close proximity to you or members with whom you share interests with, you're free to make contact and converse. Not only are we a media sharing platform, but a lot of users use our app to find hookup partners too.

Safe & Secure

All personal data uploaded to our platform will be kept completely confidential. We don't hide ads or malicious links around our app either, so you can rest assure all your data is safe. If you're not comfortable, you can cancel your membership anytime in the settings page.

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Tiktok's Ban On Sexually Explicit Content

When TikTok first exploded onto the scene, the amount of sexually explicit content that was uploaded in the first month was staggering. Anytime you logged on, you'd see videos of naked women, sexual acts and much more right from the word go. But shortly after it gained mainstream appeal, Tik Tok outright banned videos and accounts that featured sexually explicit imagery.

Now, the site brings down the hammer on any sign of sexually explicit media, be it videos, accounts, interests, services or comments. It's very much a no-sex zone, which has caused a lot of users to lose interest in the site and take their horny asses elsewhere. And fortunately for us, they've all migrated over here.

The Wall Street Journal Found This

Amongst the boring articles about celebrities and eating disorders, the Wall Street Journal's bots found something interesting in a 2019 report. They found that almost 68% of Tik Tok accounts have tried to upload banned content to the application at some point. That means there's around 30 million teens and young adults gagging for a place to share this kind of content with like-minded people.

That's why our services saw a massive uptick in content when the original Tik Tok banned users from sharing pornography. As of 2021, we have dozens of new users joining us every minute of the day, meaning we're fast becoming the go-to place to share your naughty clips and improve your sex life at the same time.

Note to Young Users Under 18

If you're under the age of 18, please do not use our services or watch our videos. If we believe the owner of any account to be underage, we will ban your account for life and report your actions to the necessary authorities. Our sexual content is highly restricted and should not be viewed by anyone not of legal age.

The Ultimate In Adult Tik Tok Videos

Why waste time on regular Tik Tok when we offer everything the original does plus much more? In fact, it's almost impossible differentiate between the regular version and ours since they look nearly identical. The only difference is that ours features a hell of lot more naked women jiggling their tits and twerking their asses for your enjoyment.

No ads. No bullshit. Just pure adult content from top to bottom. You won't find any boring, wannabe-viral videos here. The majority of our users either want to show off their outrageous bodies or hook up with local guys, so there's really no better place to come and kickstart your sex life than here. Best of all, you can enjoy everything we have to offer without paying a dime. Everything is totally free, so make the most of it while you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know something in particular about TikTok or similar apps? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Can you get sex on TikTok?

Finding sex on the regular version of TikTok is quite difficult, according to many users. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that TikTok offers no search or location services, meaning it's difficult to find TikTok users in your area. Secondly, TikTok doesn't allow explicit content on their application, so the main element of sexual attraction is removed.

Is TikTok a hookup app?

No, TikTok is rarely used to facilitate hookups between its viewers. Finding local users in your area is difficult due to TikTok's lack of keyword search ability. Therefore, those interested in TikTok-based hookups have reverted to other platforms which offer a better chance to meet local people.